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The community needs to stand together to sustainably create and support the Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna as it marks an important step forward in the support and protection of our most vulnerable citizens.

These children deserve more, we invite you to be part of the journey to deliver a better outcome.

Monthly Donation

Every month children impacted by abuse will walk through the doors of the Child Advocacy Centre, each one of them will have a unique story. One of the most meaningful ways to support the Child Advocacy Centre is by making it part of your ongoing community giving strategy. A small monthly donation makes a world of difference and connects you to this cause for the long term.

The Gift of Time

The Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna is ultimately a community project and as such, will always require the generous contribution of time. If you are interested in volunteering your time, we invite you to apply here. While we do not currently have any immediate volunteer opportunities, as the project grows so will the need for volunteers!

We look forward to meeting you.

Become a CAC Volunteer

Host an Event

Want to support the Child Advocacy Centre? Why not host a fundraiser of your own? The CAC is incredibly grateful for any opportunity to become your Charity of Choice no matter how big or small your event may be.  Not only will you generate valuable funds for the CAC but you will increase awareness within the community and that is truly invaluable.  Contact us to find out how we can support your efforts to fundraise on behalf of the important work done at the CAC.

Contact us at: info@cackelowna.com


Meet our Donors

  • Al and Irene Hildebrandt



    “The Hildebrandt’s have played a crucial role in this early phase
    of the development of the Child Advocacy Centre (“CAC”) of
    Kelowna. “When we learned about the efforts underway to
    build a CAC here in Kelowna we knew we had to be part of
    the story.”

    See the full story


  • Frank J. Flaman Foundation



    “When we heard about this Centre, we knew we wanted to be involved,” shares Rocky Mason, the Flaman Foundation’s Chair. “The commitment they have to building a safe child friendly for these children and a healthy working environment for the people dedicated to doing this work really resonates for us. We are very pleased to be able to support this community initiative.”

  • Scott Lanigan, Executive Pastor at Trinity



    “This donation is the result of the entire Trinity Community coming together through our annual Christmas concert. Each year this production is dedicated to supporting meaningful work in our community,” shared Lanigan. “This Centre is absolutely necessary in our community and we are happy to be part of the story in bringing it to life.”

  • Traine Construction

    Trio/Aberdeen was very moved by the Child Advocacy Project and came in this week with a powerful donation of $7,000! Thank you to Traine for their dedication to giving back and to the Project Team for choosing to support the CAC.

    Matt Butler. Lori Butler. Bodo Papke. Andreas Hayer. Tiffany Bruce. Terry Horrocks. Jeremy Vigue. Adam Whyte. John Schreurs. Kevin Morgan. Jasmine Eaton. Diana Gravelle. Dave Koot.

  • Bell Let’s Talk



    “Bell Let’s Talk is pleased to support Kelowna Foundation for Hope and Social Innovation’s Child Advocacy Centre to help children and youth in Kelowna. Having doubled the annual Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund to $2 million in 2018, we are helping over 100 organizations across Canada, like Kelowna Foundation for Hope and Social Innovation and the Child Advocacy Centre”
    – Mary Deacon, Chair of Bell Let’s Talk

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  • Innov8


    The generous folks at Innov8 have made a commitment to provide the CAC with all of the printers and copiers required for the facility. The value of this contribution is hard to put a number to because it’s not just the upfront costs but also the ongoing money the CAC will save by being able to do their printing in house to support kids in need.”

    Innov8 – you are making an impact.

  • Boyd Autobody & Glass

    On Sept 26, 2018 Boyd Autobody and glass delivered a cheque for $25, 212.63 to the Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna. The first in an unprecedented three year commitment to support this project.
    “We are so committed to seeing the CAC project come to life, we will do everything in our power to ensure they reach their goal.”
    – Methal Abougoush
    Regional General Manager

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  • Tom and Debra Mauro



    “Child abuse does not have boundaries, neither should giving. This isn’t about geography, it’s about need. We have been a part of building a CAC in Calgary and we have seen it change lives. We are so proud to be involved in this project.”
    – Debra

    See the full story


  • One Hundred Women Who Care

    This amazing group of inspiring and passionate women from our community chose the Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna as the recipient of their October 2018 donation. “It’s an amazing cause, we are so glad we could provide this donation to help in the building of this incredible project.”

    Rose Sexsmith, Chairperson

  • One Hundred Heroes Who Give a Damn

    A room of 200 Heroes chose the Child Advocacy Centre as the recipient of their largest donation to date on November 6, 2018. “What an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference, when we come together as a community we truly can make an impact.”

    Darryl Reuter, Spokesperson ~ 100 Heroes Who Give a Damn

  • Nor-Val donation


    Nor-Val Rentals donates $10,000
    “We believe in giving back. This Centre will serve families from Lake Country all the way through Peachland, this is where a lot of our business is done and it feels good to give back in the community where you do business. This cause supports vulnerable kids, that pretty easy to get behind and we hope others will do the same.”

    – Jim Clipperton
    Owner – Nor-Val Rentals


In the context of a child's life, the best argument for a Child Advocacy Centre is simply that it clears the path for a child victim to leave his victimization behind and have the hope to start again.

Lisa Ferman

Huffington Post