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Because every child deserves our very best
A community of hope, where all children feel safe, believed and nurtured


Our success begins with YOU

We hope there will come a day when our services are no longer needed. But that day is not today.  Our work and our success depends on the generosity and support of our partners, community, donors and funders. Without you we cannot develop and deliver the critical support services to those who need it the most.


Our Mission

We operate an inspired, child friendly environment dedicated to wrapping services around those impacted by child abuse. We facilitate a collaborative model of care designed to empower those working on the front lines of child abuse to work together to improve outcomes and build resilience for children, families and community.


Core Values


We approach every individual with care and compassion, including our community, our clients, our partners, our team and ourselves.


We operate as a team, our communications are based on open, honest and respectful dialogues. We listen to and we value one another.


We acknowledge, respect and embrace the diversity of our community. We are committed to inclusive and compassionate practices in all interactions.


There is no finish line to this work; we are change ready and in constant pursuit of excellence. We will challenge ourselves to grow, adapt, and to push ourselves to become better and do better every day.

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